Belarus - President Alexander Lukashenko meets with a parliamentary delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic

Syria should become Belarus' main partner in the Middle East, said President Alexander Lukashenko during his meeting with the Chairman of the People's Assembly of the Syrian Arab Republic, Mahmoud al-Abrash.

"I believe that Syria should be our main partner in the Middle East. Through your country we could co-operate with all the states of this uneasy region. I think Syria will only benefit from this," said the President.

Alexander Lukashenko emphasized Belarus' commitment to intensifying the bilateral relationship with Syria and Belarus' readiness to implement joint economic projects with Syria, including projects involving third countries like Venezuela.

"We are prepared to deliver to the Syrian market the entire range of products made by our manufacturing industry," said the President. The two economies, he said, are in fact mutually complementary, which opens up great opportunities for economic co-operation. "Our objective is to unite our efforts to take advantage of these opportunities," said Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarus views Syria as an old friend, an important partner, an influential and authoritative member of the international community. "Belarusian-Syrian co-operation is built on complete trust and the shared desire to interact as closely as possible in a whole range of areas. We work constructively within the framework of such international organizations and the UN and the Non-Aligned Movement. Both Belarus and Syria have zero tolerance for external pressure and dictate; both actively protect their territorial integrity and sovereignty," the Head of State said.


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