Russia-Belarus gas row not to affect Germany - minister

BERLIN, June 23 (Itar-Tass) - The gas row between Russia and Belarus will not cause interruptions in the supply of Germany with gas, German Minister for Economics and Technology Rainer Bruederle believes.

"In case of possible problems with gas deliveries via Belarus, gas can be received through other routes," the minister said. Besides, other supplies can increase amounts of gas supplies in case of necessity, he said. Germany can also use gas stores in gas storage facilities, Rainer Bruederle said.

"Besides, gas consumption is much lower in the summer period than in winter," he stressed, adding that the world gas market has an increased gas offer at the moment.

He also stressed the importance of unanimity in Europe on that problem. "Gas recipients pay a good price and have the right to demand guaranteed supplies and transit," the minister added. He said the existing crisis proves how important it is to have several suppliers of gas, a diversified system of gas pipelines and sufficient gas infrastructure in Europe.


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