Belarus - President Alexander Lukashenko congratulates the Belarusian Republican Union of Lawyers on its 20th anniversary

President Alexander Lukashenko has sent his congratulations to the Belarusian Republican Union of Lawyers on its 20th anniversary.

"Over a relatively short period of time the Union of Lawyers, which unites the best Belarusian legal experts, has become of the essential institutions helping to shape and develop the legal system of our country. The significance of your profession largely stems from the increasing role of legal regulation of public relations in the Republic of Belarus, growing authority of the representatives of the legal community," runs the letter of congratulation from the President.

It is the lawyers, says the Head of State, whose duty it is to promote the enforcement of the rights and lawful interests of each individual, strengthening of the rule of law and order, improvement of the legal standards within the society, implementation of the principle of the shared responsibility of the State and the society.


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