Belarus Gets the Gas Supply From Russia

Submitted by Jaideep Kumar

BelarusGazprom, Russia's gas monopoly on Thursday, ending its three-day stand-off on gas supplies has resumed the gas supply to Belarus after receiving the last four months gas payment.

Both the sides are still not comfortable with each other as they still have to resolve the issue of non continuous gas supply to the Russian region of Kaliningrad.

Started ceasing the gas supplies from Monday onwards, by Wednesday Russia had cut almost 60% of the gas supplies.

Vladimir Putin, Russia's Prime Minister, on Thursday expressing his concern over the situation has called on Gazprom and the former Soviet republic to clear all the issues between them.

Mr. Putin said, "Several times I and [President Dmitry Medvedev] had to remind our Belarusian partners at the highest level about the necessity of fulfilling their debt - and there was no reaction".

Gazprom has affirmed that Belarus had paid $192m debt it had owed for gas supplies.

Gazprom had paid $228 million as transit fees according to their contract rate, rather than the $260 million that were being demanded by Belarus.

Belarus was paying $150 per 1,000 cubic meters, while Gazprom set the price unit price at $184.

Gazprom had already made the 87% advance payment of $228 million.


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