Gazprom, Belarus set gas transit terms for 2010 - Miller

MOSCOW, June 25 (Itar-Tass) -- The Russia-Belarus gas feud is over, and terms of Russian gas transit in 2010 are defined, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told a Friday press conference.

He said the transit terms were specified in the Thursday telephone conversation with Beltransgaz and the Belarusian government. "I am positive that an addition to the gas transit contract will be signed soon. There is no alternative to that," Miller said.

He noted that his vacation, which starts on Saturday, would not hamper the signing. Gazprom deputy CEOs have been authorized to sign the deal, Miller said.

Gas transit through Belarus has fully stabilized, he said. As of 4:40 p.m. Moscow time, clients in Europe and the Kaliningrad region had been receiving gas in full, Prime Tass said.

Gazprom owes nothing for gas transit across Belarus, Miller noted.

The transit rate stays at $1.45 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas carried through 100 kilometers if an annual addition to the contract is not signed, Miller said. There was no addition this year, so the transit rate remained at the level set in 2006, Prime Tass said.

Miller hopes to sign an addition to the transit contract in the near future. "We had telephone negotiations with the Beltransgaz administration and the Belarusian first deputy prime minister yesterday, after gas transit had resumed. We said that we had no substantial disagreements over the contact addition and hoped for its soonest signing," Miller said.

Progress has been made at the negotiations, and all the essential matters have been coordinated, he concluded.


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