Belarus - President Alexander Lukashenko extends his greetings to Belarusian young men and women on the occasion of Youth Day

Dear young men and women,

I am sending my warmest wishes to you on the occasion of Youth Day.

You are the most active part of the society today, with your very unique outlook, new ideas and a desire to make this world a better place. We have high hopes for the young citizens of our country. You will be increasing the economic and intellectual capacity of Belarus, preserving its unique historical and cultural heritage, ensuring its prosperity.

All good things done by man are done for future generations, and it is today's young men and women whom the future belongs to. But today depends on you too. You see our towns and villages become more and more beautiful, new factories emerge, the sovereignty and independence of our Fatherland is strengthened. In all this, there is a significant contribution of your peers too.

Perhaps the most important thing for a young man is to find himself in this life. All doors are open for you; each one of you can find a career to his liking. Not every country, even among the richest ones, affords itself to invest as much funds in the youth policy as Belarus does.

Today our State needs your determination, civil consciousness and desire to perfect yourself. In this age of technology, do remain romantics with kind hearts and open souls.

Live your lives in an interesting and fascinating way. You are the future of Belarus. May you be blessed with love, happiness and luck.

Happy Youth Day!


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