Russia-Belarus gas conflict settled by Azerbaijan

Baku, Fineko/ Gas conflict flared up between Russia and Belarus last week has led to phenomenal growth of Azerbaijan's authority in settlement of conflicts of such kind on the CIS area.

The Azerbaijani government informs that Russian-Byelorussian gas conflict was settled due to efforts of Azerbaijan.

"We, on the one hand, gave financial support to Belarus and, on the other hand, helped Russia. Our interference in this issue did not cause tension in relations between the involved countries but on the contrary promoted to improvement of the situation," a government source said.

Earlier Byelorussian leader Alexander Lukashenko thanked his Azerbaijani counterpart for a $200 million loan received from Azerbaijan that enabled Belarus to cover its debt before Russia's monopoly Gazprom.

The loan was given for 12 days in a way of signing an agreement between the two countries prime ministers.

"At that, the issue of guarantees or mortgage security was not raised," the source said.


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