Lukashenko sacked security boss, chief of presidential administration over Belarus bombing

The President Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, dismissed today his security boss and the head of presidential administration for failing to prevent the detonation of a home-made bomb at a concert that he attended to mark Independence Day, news agencies are reporting form Minsk.

News agency BelTA cited police sources as saying that three of the injured "stood in the same section (of the audience) with the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko". It cited "experts" as saying that the injured were "not far from the head of state and the radius of casualties from the explosive device spread to the section they were in".

Viktor Sheyman, head of the Belarusian Council of Security, is "morally obliged" to resign his post, as a result of July 4 bomb blast in a Minsk public square injuring more than 50 people, Lukashenko said during a televised National Security Council meeting. Sheyman not only failed to prevent the attack taking place during an outdoor gala concert attended by an estimated 500,000 Minsk residents, but "increased chances of public panic" by allowing dozens of ambulances to sound their sirens as injured were treated, according to Lukashenko. Belarusian state-controlled media today made clear Lukashenko's "quick response" prevented mass panic by instructing ambulances to switch off their sirens, and ordering bands to keep on playing music as blast victims were treated and hauled off to hospital.

Gennady Nevyghlas, the head of presidential administration, was dismissed by a presidential decree and transferred to other position, according to news agency Interfax. Gennady Nevyghlas was born on February 11, 1954 in Parokhonsk, Pinsk district of Brest area. Graduated from the Moscow Higher Border Guard School of the KGB of the USSR (1975), the Higher school of the KGB named after Dzerzhinsky (1989). Served in the Soviet Army in Afghanistan (1988). Worked on various operative posts in the Eastern boundary district (1975-92), on various operative and supervising posts of Central Administrative directorate of border guard troops of Belarus (1992-97), as the Vice-Chairman of the State Border Guard Troops Committee (1997-2000), chief of the Presidential Security Service (2000-2001). On September 12, 2001, appointed the State Secretary of Security Council (replacing Ural Latypov) and dismissed from the post of the chief of the Presidential Security Service. In September 2001 received the rank of Lieutenant-General. On January 4, 2006, appointed the head of the Presidential Administration (replacing Viktor Sheiman) and was dismissed from the post of the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus.

Viktor Sheiman was born on May 26, 1958 in Grodno area in the family of an army officer. A graduate of Blagoveshchensk Higher Tank Command School. Studied at evening branch of Belarus University Law faculty, graduated from the Academy of the Ministry of Interior as a lawyer. Airborne troops member during mandatory military service, participated in military operations in Afghanistan, was the chief of a staff of airborne division in Brest area (1990). Major-General since 1999. Member of the Belarus Supreme Soviet (1990-95). One of the closest associates of Lukashenko since his presidential campaign in 1994. Head of the presdiential candidate's protection unit. Assistant to the President on defense and security issues (1994-95), State Secretary of the Security Council from the moment of its creating (August 5, 1994-2000). In 1995, after resignation of Interior Minister, acted in this capacity. After Sheiman's dismissal from the post of the State Secretary of Security Council and Assistant to the President on national security issues the vacant position of the State Secretary was occupied by Ural Latypov. On November 28, 2000, Sheiman was appointed General Prosecutor of Belarus. Since November, 2004 - head of the Presidential administration. From March till July 8, 2008 - State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus.