Belarus: the first shipment of flash frozen berries is produced in Gomelskaya region

The unique facility in Gomelskaya region, which produces frozen wild berries and mushrooms according to flash freezing technology, has produced the first shipment of 47 tons of the frozen blueberry. This information was provided to BELTA by Fedor Bondarenko, the Chairman of Oktyabrskiy district Administration, on which territory the facility is located.

Br 550 mln. ($ 275,000) have been allocated for the implementation of this project. The new production facility was installed in the special premises. There are the chambers for the product precooling and freezing, and also 4 storage chambers which may contain up to 80 tons of the ready products. The capacity let the facility process up to 500 kg of berries and mushrooms per hour.

The products are packed to 13-15 kg plastic boxes. The most part of the products (80 tons of the frozen blueberry) is planned to go to Lithuania; frozen mushrooms will enter the inner market.