Belarus visitors to study Pontiac city methods

The city of Pontiac and the office of Tourism will be hosting a group of delegates from Belarus on Monday, a press release said.

The Belarusians are coming to Pontiac to learn about the methods used to make the city a successful community. They are also interested in seeing how Pontiac has integrated historical preservation into its development plans for the future.

The visit is sponsored by the International Visitors Center of Chicago.

During their one-day visit, the Belarusians will visit the Pontiac Museum Complex, take a walking tour of the historic downtown area, and participate in a conference with city leaders at city hall where topics will include the initiatives which Pontiac has undertaken to make the city a popular and successful tourist destination point. They will also be given a tour of the city on the trolley, the release said.

Among the Belarusians in the group are journalists, educators and artists.

Representing Pontiac will be Tourism Director Ellie Alexander, City Administrator Robert M. Karls and Mayor Scott McCoy.