Belarus KGB released several opposition activists detained in connection with bomb blast

Belarus opposition activists Sergei Vysotsky and Alexander Sergienko, one of the leaders of the Young Democrats, the youth wing of the United Civil Party, detained over the case of bomb blasts on 4 July in Minsk, were released from the Belarus State Security Committee (KGB) detention centre the day before yesterday, online paper Khartiya'98 reports.

Sergei Vysotsky, a coordinator of the Belarusian National Democratic Centre in Kiev, told to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Belarus service, that he had an alibi. KGB investigator made him give a written undertaking not to leave the place and not to divulge the secrecy of the investigation.

Pavel Kuryanovich, activist of the European Belarus civil campaign, was released yesterday. He was detained by KGB officers on 10 July on a suspicion of implication in bomb blast in Minsk during a concert on the official Independence Day. He said he was alone in a cell in the KGB pretrial detention centre. He also had an alibi, which was proved by the KGB check. Kuryanovich thinks that the persecution and detentions of democratic activists are connected with the electoral campaign in Belarus, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Belarus service reports.