Belarus harvested winter rapeseeds from the area of 28.500 ha

Belarus harvested winter rapeseeds from the area of 28.500 ha, 11% of from the plan, informed the main department of plant growing of Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

As for the same date of the last year, the country harvested 82% of winter rapeseeds. Then the harvesting terms were changed due to early ripening of this crop. This year winter rapeseeds harvesting started as usual - at the beginning of July.

The total sowing area under winter rapeseeds totals 257.800 ha, up to 1.5 times as compared to 2006.

To date milling totals almost 55.000 tonnes of oilseeds. The productivity of winter rapeseeds crop totals 19.4 c/ha, up 16% as compared to the previous year.

This year the governmental order for rape oilseeds increased by 81% as compared to the previous year to 249.500 tonnes. The purchasing prices for rapeseeds increased by 35%.

According to Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, this year the country would harvest 430.000 tonnes of rapeseeds, including spring crop. 370.000 tonnes of crop will be sent to industrial processing.