Belarus KGB officers got ranks of generals for "good work"

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has presented ranks of major-generals to colonels Ivan Korzh, Nikolai Smolenski, Mikhail Puzikov and Sergei Bobrikov, online paper Khartiya'97 reports.

Ivan Korzh is the head of the Gomel region KGB directorate, Nikolai Smolenski is a deputy head of the KGB apparatus on staff and organizational work.

Lukashenko also appointed Colonel Ikhar Bakhmatov the head of the Institution of the Security of Belarus, relieved him of the post of a head of the Brest region KGB directorate, Khartiya'97 adds.

Belarus KGB suspects the dead oppositionist of organizing bomb blasts in Minsk

Radio Racyja refers to city of Brest human rights activist Vladimir Velichkin telling about a precedent, showing lack of professionalism of the Belarus KGB and local police, online paper Khartiya'97 reports.

According to the radio, secret services officers visited the family of late Konstantin Myslivets, former activist of the Belarus People's Front Party and opposition leader in Drahichyn town. The visitor weren't confused with words of Ludmila Myslivyets that her husband died already in 2006. They ordered Ms Myslivyets and her stepson Kiryl to have their fingerprints taken and give written explanations of their location on 3 July on the eve of the bomb blast in Minsk, the politician told. After the incident in Minsk during the concert on the official Independence Day on 3 July, the authorities tightened repressions against the opposition. According to the information of human rights activists, 15 opposition activists were arrested, Khartiya'97 marks.

Meanwhile, opposition activists, most reportedly members of the anti-government Belarus People's Front (BF), told reporters that the Belarusian KGB currently was holding seven opposition activists, using the recent bombing as a pretext, DPA reported. KGB spokesmen have been close-lipped on the investigation into the bombing. Last week the spy service issued a rare request for public assistance in finding the bomber or bombers, news agency adds.