American lawyer arrested by Belarus KGB called his case "totally falsified"

American lawyer Emanuel Zeltser and his lawyer Zmitser Harachko have finished reading the criminal case brought up against the US citizen by the Belarus KGB, online paper Khartiya'97 reports.

Zeltser's lawyer does not comment on the case himself, referring to the fact that a status of a state secret has been given to it. Emanuel Zeltser's position after studying the case is the following: "His position remains unchanged: he does not plead guilty of anything, and he says it's a totally false case," Harachko told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Belarus service. As said by Harachko, now the case is being studied in the General Prosecutor's office; then the case is to be sent to the court.

AIA already informed that the US lawyer was arrested on March 12 in Minsk. He arrived to settle affairs related to inheritance of Georgian oligarch Badri Patarkatsishvili, who died in London. The KGB of Belarus accuses Zeltser of falsifying documents, illegal operations with drugs and commercial espionage. Some reports say that during interrogation in the KGB psychical force was used against the US citizen, according to Khartiya'97.