Parliamentary elections should be as open and democratic as possible and absolutely transparent - says President of Belarus

Parliamentary elections in Belarus should be as open and democratic as possible and absolutely transparent. Such principles as strict compliance with the legislation by all election process participants and ensuring order, social and political stability will be of utmost importance said President Alexander Lukashenko on July 10 at a meeting related to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Belarus.

The necessary documents finalizing the procedure of holding the election campaign to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly in compliance with international standards have been adopted in the country. The date of the elections has been announced for September 28.

As President stressed in his speech the Parliamentary elections should be held in full compliance with the Constitution and national law, that are both democratic and transparent.

A special emphasis of Alexander Lukashenko was laid concerning equal conditions for all candidates for the parliamentary seats. "All candidates should be guaranteed equal access to mass media, so that no one could accuse us of creating favorable conditions for some candidates and unfavorable for the others after all", - said Head of State.

Alexander Lukashenko remarked that Central Election Commission (CEC) is the state organ responsible for the coordination of election procedures. No one will be allowed to interfere with its work, neither President's Administration nor the government. Equal access to CEC's information will be given to all, including parties and organizations, government and oppositional alike, as well as to people.

As Head of State put it, no one is going to put obstacles to international observers, providing the latter adhere to law. "To observe, to watch, to put questions, to advice and to criticize is allowed, but it will not be permitted to interfere with electoral process, thus violating the law. Order at polling stations in the election period should be most preserved", - said President.

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