Iran urges expansion of scientific cooperation with Belarus

Minister of Sciences, Researches and Technology Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi underlined expansion of scientific and technological cooperation with Belarus in a ceremony on Wednesday.

"There are many common fields for cooperation between Iran and Belarus and bilateral ties should be developed between the two capitals," Zahedi said on the sidelines of a ceremony to sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Tehran-Minsk cooperation.

He said that Tehran gave priority to promote its cooperation with Belarus in the fields of scientific, cultural and technological activities.

Although Iran is an oil-rich country, Zahedi said, it should remember that its fossil energy resources would end someday therefore, the country needed to develop other forms of energy including nuclear energy.

The minister voiced Tehran's readiness to cooperate with Belarus on generating other forms of energy including solar and wind energies.

Officials of Iran and Belarus held the third session of the two countries joint committee for technical and scientific cooperation between June 30-July 2 in Tehran. The meeting ended by signing a MoU for expansion of bilateral cooperation.