Belarus started grain harvesting campaign

Belarus started grain harvesting campaign, reported in the Department of Plant Growing of Ministry of Agriculture and Food. According to the specialists, first 25.000 ha, or 1% of plan, were harvested. The harvesting campaign is performed selectively, the agrarians harvest mainly barley. Last year at the same date, 22% of crops were harvested due to earlier starting of the harvesting campaign.

Grain milling totaled 83.600 tonnes, the average crop capacity - 33.3 c/ha, up 4.2 as compared to the previous year.

The agrarians start harvesting campaign as grains ripen. Taking into account heavy raining on the territory of Belarus, all grain need prompt drying. The agrarians have already prepared 21.600 tonnes of flattened grains.

According to Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the agrarians will harvest 2.52 mln ha of grains and grain legumes, up 2.4% as compared to the previous year, including 530.200 ha of rye (91.3% against the previous year), 485.600 ha of wheat (119.3%), 455.000 ha of triticale (108.8%), 571.600 ha of barley (87.8%). 174.100 ha were sown under oats, 16.400 ha - buckwheat (141%), 119.400 ha - grain legumes (100.5%).