Belarus KGB searched opposition Young Front office

The Belarus Young Front office in Minsk was searched yesterday, office equipment and informational materials, calling to boycott the forthcoming parliamentary elections, were seized, online paper Khartiya'97 reports.

One of the Young Front leaders Artur Finkevich told to the Khartiya'97 press centre that plainclothed agents watched outside the building of the office Karol Street for more than an hour and tried to force the door. After 10:00 pm KGB officers managed to enter the office: they burst into it when one of the members of the organisation tried to leave the office.

During a search, conducted by KGB and police officers, office equipment, stickers, information materials, posters, calling to boycott the "elections" were seized. The activists, who were in the apartment, weren't allowed to phone. "It is one more evidence that the regime fears the boycott. Boycott is the only right position of the democratic forces in this electoral campaign, because only by this way we can consolidate the society, ingrain confidence in future and gather as many people as possible in streets on September 28," Finkevich is cited by Khartiya'97.