Lukashenko, Chavez Agree to Consolidate Energy Cooperation, Promote Multi-Polar World

MINSK. July 23 (Interfax) - The Belarusian and Venezuelan presidents, Alexander Lukashenko and Hugo Chavez, respectively, said that there is a need to strengthen bilateral cooperation on energy, to promote a multi-polar world and to prevent third countries from interfering in their nations' internal affairs.

"The presidents have decided to deepen cooperation between the two countries in the energy sphere and to develop projects that are being implemented in Venezuela by the joint venture Petrolera BeloVenesolana," a joint communique released after a meeting between the two heads of state in Minsk on Wednesday says.

The talks "have demonstrated that we share views on how to address the problems and threats facing our countries in their desire to create a multi-polar world based on principles such as solidarity, cooperation and mutual respect," the document reads.

"The parties were unanimous that any attempt to interfere in their nations' internal affairs, to force a foreign socio-political development model against the nation's will, or to apply the policy of double standards poses an obvious threat to any nation's security," the communique says.

Therefore, "multi-polarity and the recognition of a nation's right to determine its socio-political system are the guarantee of social justice," the statement reads.