Belarus-Venezuela joint venture starts seismic operations in Orinoco River basin

The Belarusian-Venezuela joint venture in seismic prospecting Sismica BeloVenesolana that was set up late last year has started exploring the seismic sections in Boyaco area in the Orinoco River basin, BelTA was told in the Belorusneft press service.

Belarus-made vibroseis sources are used in prospecting. The first consignment of vibroseis sources by the Seismotekhnika company, which makes part of the Production Association Belorusneft, were delivered to Venezuela in 2007. In 2008 some five more sets of vibroseis sources ??-30/120? were delivered overseas. The two sides are set to start a joint assemblage facility of this equipment in Venezuela. This move is envisaged in the memorandum of understanding between Venezuela's PDVSA and Seismotekhnika of Belarus.

As BelTA informed earlier, Belarusian-Venezuelan joint venture Petrolera BeloVenesolana plans to extract around 700,000 tonnes of oil in 2008 from deposits Guara Este and Lagomedio. After another three oil fields are added by the end of the year, the joint venture will be able to double oil extraction in 2009.

Belorusneft and PDVSA cooperate in several areas: production and certification of oil reserves, seismic prospecting, supply of vibroseis sources and oil industry services. In May this year in the course of a visit of PDVSA representatives to Belarus the two sides discussed the issue concerning the setting up of another joint venture which will provide services in the oil sector.

Source: Belarus Foreign Foreign.affairs Ministry