KGB of Belarus cooperates with special services from more than 20 countries

The Belarus and Russian special services have been developing a plan of measures on counteraction to terrorism in the territory of the Union State, deputy chief of directorate of legal maintenance and the international relations of the State Security Committee of Belarus, Vladimir Tvarovsky, told at a press conference in Minsk today, news agency Interfax reports.

He noted that a priority of the Belarus special services is cooperation with the Russian colleagues to provide security of the Union State. The KGB of Belarus representative also informed that for last 15 years 40 protocols on interaction have been concluded between the KGB and the Russian special services, within the framework of cooperation agreement between the KGB of Belarus and the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia.

According to Tvarovsky, cooperation agreements between the KGB and similar services are signed with Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova, bilateral agreements about interaction are also signed between the KGB and special services of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia. At the same time he marked that interaction with these countries was not such effective, as with the states adjoining Belarus. Tvarovsky emphasized, however, that "there are no friendly special services and friendly intelligence, though, in struggle against terrorism and extremism there is a mutual understanding and active cooperation between special services".

The Belarus special services have arrangements with similar structures of some states about ignorance in the territory each other of "hostile work". Tvarovsky has refused to list the countries with which special services operate such arrangements, however he noted that it is a question of the neighbouring states, news agency Rosbalt adds.