Belarus Paid for Supplied Gas to Gazprom - Beltransgaz

MINSK. July 24 (Interfax) - As at July 24 Beltransgaz does not owe any money to Gazprom, Beltransgaz' spokesman Vladimir Chekov told Interfax-West.

"To date, Beltransgaz does not have any debt for the Russian gas consumed by the country," Chekov said. He declined to further comment on the gas payment issue.

On July 23 Beltrangaz paid to Gazprom for the gas supplied in the second quarter based on the price of $128 per 1,000 cubic meter, a source in public administration told Interfax-West.

It was reported earlier that on July 16 Gazprom threatened legal action if Belarus fails to pay for the gas. Commenting on the situation, first deputy energy minister Eduard Tovpenets said that Belarus links the gas price increase in the second quarter with the growing Russian gas transit fee. The parties are holding talks and are searching for a compromise of interests, he said.

In 2008 Belarus imports 21.6 billion cubic meters of gas.