Belarus, European Commission to prepare introduction of biometric identifiers in passports

Belarus and the European Commission intend to accomplish a project meant to prepare the basis for introducing biometric identifiers in passports, said Bernard Bogensperger, representative of the European Commission, at an international seminar "Application of biometric identifiers in electronic passports - international standards and the best practices", on July 29, reported Belta.

In his words, for Belarus and the international community organised crime and international terrorism are some of the threats of the modern times. The issuance of protected documents, which allow border crossing, is one of the measures meant to counteract the spread of such phenomena. Belarus-issued documents are fully compliant with international standards. However, the international community has developed more advanced methods - biometric identifiers.

The European Commission representative remarked, Belarus and the European Commission had started implementing a project meant to prepare the basis for introducing new documents, which include biometric identifiers among other things. Held in Minsk, the seminar is supposed to secure the goal. In particular, the Belarusian legal base is supposed to be compared with existing international standards.

"Efforts will continue to implement a joint project with partnership of the Belarusian Interior Ministry, the European Commission, and the International Organisation for Migration. Harmonising corresponding legislation is one of the major avenues of efforts in this area," said Bernard Bogensperger.