CIS observers in Belarus will be politically neutral, observation mission says

The CIS election observation mission that will monitor the elections to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus will conduct observation on the principles of political neutrality and impartiality, non-interference in the course of the electoral process and in the internal affairs of the country, the statement of the mission's headquarters said.

"The estimation given by the mission will be based solely on their own observation, official information, data provided by election commissions and governmental bodies and also on their personal meetings with voters and observers from other organizations. After performing a comprehensive analysis of all the information received, the mission will start working on the statement detailing the results of the observation which will be announced on the day following the elections," the document says, reported Belta.

The observation mission that will monitor the parliamentary elections in Belarus consists of more than 300 people, including around 35 long-term observers from the CIS member states who will start their work on August 10. Short-term observers will arrive in the country on the eve of the elections. Representatives of the CIS diplomatic community in Belarus will be asked to work as long-term observers.

The headquarters of the CIS election observation mission will be based at the CIS Executive Committee in Minsk, the branches of the headquarters will be deployed in all the oblast centres and in the capital. This will help organize the work of the observers in the regions and maintain contacts with district election commissions.