Trust mobile dental unit on it's way to Belarus

Solihull NHS Care Trust's mobile dental unit is on its way to Belarus to help treat children who are in urgent need of dental care.

The mobile dental unit has been in use by the Trust's Dental Team for many years has been taken into schools across the north of the borough to help children who do not have regular dental treatment.

With the arrival of their new, more up to date mobile unit, the Trust's Dental Team have decided to donate the old one to 'Smilemenders' - a charity founded by two Swindon dentists.

Following the Chernobyl disaster, most of the available health resources were used to treat cancer and other serious illnesses. In that time dental disease trebled and most children's dental treatment is performed without any pain relief - including extractions! Smilemenders are planning to take the mobile unit to Belarus to help treat those children in need of dental care.

Marcus Woof, Clinical Director Dental Services said: "The old mobile unit has been much used and loved and we are happy to see it go to a new home".

The official opening the Trust's new mobile unit is to take place during September.

More information about Smilemenders can be found at