Belarus democrats called to KGB in Minsk blast case again

Some democratic activists of Belarus were called for questioning in the KGB in Minsk blast case, online paper Khartiya'97 reports.

The oppositionists were called for questionings by phone. As activist of the European Belarus civil campaign, Maksim Vinyarski, told Khartiya'97 that a man who named himself "KGB officer Alexander Nikolayevich" phoned to him and strongly recommended to visit the KGB directorate of Minsk and the Minsk region. He said a ground for questioning was July 4 blast in Minsk. The KGB officer refused to tell his surname and sent an official summons to the activist. Besides, he "strongly" recommended that Maksim Vinyarski not to "inform anybody" about the questioning, Khartiya'97 marks.

In his turn, democratic activist Oleg Korban has been called to the KGB directorate of Minsk and the Minks region today. "A man, who phoned, said he was a KGB officer, but didn't say his name. Moreover, he asked how he could find youth activists Vladimir Sergeyev and Yegor Bobrov, they will be called for questioning, too," Oleg Korban told Khartiya'97. The online paper notes that 13 opposition activists were arrested after the blast in Minsk. Their apartments were searched; after 10 days of preliminary arrest, the activists were released for lack of evidence.