President of Belarus summons security officials, threatens to dismiss Security Council State

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, criticised actions of security services at a meeting with leadership of security forces following recent explosion in Minsk at the holiday concert, devoted to Independence Day of Belarus, news agencies are reporting. Lukashenko also threatened to dismiss the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Viktor Sheiman.

"I do not think, Viktor Vladimirovich, that you will remain in this position after the accident. You are guilty first of all", - news agency Belta cites Lukashenko. According to the President, the State Secretary was not "in sight" during the explosion and he himself had to give instructions to militia. Lukasehnko who attended the concert examined the explosion site and gave orders to immediately launch the investigation which he took under his personal control.

Official statement said Alexander Lukashenko, who was attending the concert, went a few minutes after the event to where doctors were treating the victims, and then went to the site of the explosion. It was marked that the head of state had taken the investigation under his personal control. "The accident happened in the territory which, as I was reported, was thoroughly checked by the security service, police, KGB. How did that could happen then? How did you protect people then?" Lukashenko asked the chiefs of security services and agencies, as quoted by online site Lukashenko demanded the security officials to look thoroughly into all issues connected with the explosion, website notes.

No one will be allowed to hide the truth about the explosion, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said at a session on the July 4 accident investigation, reported Belta news agency. "No law enforcement agency, no governmental body will be allowed to retouch or cover up the truth" about those events, he underlined.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that it was the only accident that happened during the Independence Day celebrations. Over the last two days, the President studied the case and the current opinion of journalists and the common people. "I would like to underline: I have seen it all. Unfortunately, even more than any of the law enforcement ministers," NEWSru online paper cites Lukashenko.

A bomb packed with nuts and bolts exploded at the concert on July 4 injured 54 people. All of them were evacuated within 20 minutes. The second explosive device had been found and would help investigators in their inquiries on the bomb that detonated, AFP notes.

According to radio Ekho Moskvy, Russian security services have joined their Belarusian counterparts in investigation of the bomb blast.