It is not excluded that Minsk blast was provoked by Belarusian secret services - analyst

In an interview to radio Deutsche Welle, independent Belarusian political analyst Vladimir Matskevich said that it is quite possible that the explosion in Minsk during the celebration of the official Independence Day could have been provoked by secret services. The analyst draws a parallel between this terrorist attack and blasts in Vitsebsk a few years ago.

He said the explosive device had used to look very much alike. "Like in Vitsebsk, a blast was needed, but its victims and consequences were to be minimized. Everything has been done for the fact itself to come in view of the public. Actions of the law-enforcing agencies are similar, too." Matskevich pointed out that the reaction of special services to the explosion was surprising as well. "At such a mass public event reaction should be no less than immediate; and it should have involved evacuation. If nothing were known about the explosion, security services would have taken measures making an allowance for a several-blasts scenario. Such measures haven't been taken, moreover, the concert continued, and the Belarusian president arrived to the site of the explosion. This fact has been noted by many commentators as unacceptable non-professionalism of secret services. One cannot even doubt that could happen only because there was some certainty about the things which were possible, and which were impossible later on," the analyst is convinced.

To the question of the Deutsche Welle who stood to gain from it, Matskevich supposed that the matter could involve One day before explosion in Minsk, Lukashenko told about probability of explosions in an interview to newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi. ,- the paper cites Lukashenko.