The Ukrainian Government to Curb Russian and Belarusian Export of Phosphate Fertilizers to Ukraine: Summer 2009 Trends

LONDON - Summer 2009, the Ukrainian government proposed to impose antidumping duties against phosphate fertilizers exported from Russia and Belarus to Ukraine. Another possible measure is to quote phosphate fertilizers import to Ukraine from these countries.

Representatives of Gomel Chemical Plant, the largest Belarusian manufacturer of phosphate fertilizers, appealed to the Ukrainian government to restrain from such steps, saying that the share of Belarusian phosphate fertilizers of the Ukrainian market is not very large - less than 10 per cent. The Ukrainian counterparts retorted by stating that Russian and Belarusian manufacturers have much easier access to potassium chloride which they obtain at better prices. Thus, the price of a potassium chloride ton is $64, $110 and ?500-520 for the manufacturers from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, respectively. The Ukrainian fertilizer industry hinges largely on raw materials from abroad. The two leading producers of multinutrient fertilizers, SumyChimProm and Krymsky Titan, (which actually advocate the introduction of the antidumping measures), need 600,000 tons/y of phosphorites and 200,000 tons/y of potash salts. Experts say that if Ukraine takes these protective measures, Russia and Belarus may retaliate, though the character of their response is not defined yet.

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