Belarus to finish harvesting of winter barley

Farms of Belarus have harvested winter barley throughout 8.7 thsd. ha or 94.4% of planned harvesting area, informed Food and Agricultural Ministry of Belarus on July, 20.

In Brestskaya oblast this crop is cut at 94,6% of planned area, in Grodnenskaya - at 99%, in Minskaya - at 86,8%. There are about 38 thsd. tones of barley threshed. The average yield of this crop totals 43.7 c/ha.

The harvesting campaign of rapeseed is going on. According to on-line data this crop is harvested throughout 95.8 thsd. ha or 27.9% of planned area. Farms of Brestskaya and Gomelskaya oblasts are in the lead by rate of harvesting with 64.7% and 54.9 areas have been harvested respectively. The average yield of rapeseed in the Republic is 23 c/ha.

Grains and leguminous plants have been cut throughout 27.7 thsd. ha or 1.2% of planned area. Harvesting is carried out by the single agricultural organizations of Brestskaya, Gomelskaya, Grodnenskaya, Minskaya oblasts. Centralized harvesting of grains is planned to start on July, 25.

For the moment the main efforts of farms focused on forage conservation. According to on-line data the volume of stored up grass fodder with account of after-grass totals 3.37 mln. tones of fodder units, or 54.6% of planned. Counting on one conditional cattle head there are 11.6 c fodder units what is 1.4 c higher than on the same data last year.

Perennial after-grass grasses have been cut throughout 307 thsd. ha or 36/8% of planned area. There are 7776.6 thsd. tones of hay have been prepared (64?8% of planned) 9.3 mln of haylage(106%) and 1.988 mln. of silos (14%).



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