Lukashenka, Pope and Intercultural Dialog!

Recent Lukashenka's activity on international level in a field of Inter cultural and inter religious relations was very splendid even for Lukashenka. Nobody can't even imagine when and why Lukashenka started his peacemaker job. But one beautiful day Lukashenka decided that he found out meaning of his life and that meaning lays some where very, very close, something very simple but essential in the same time. At first Lukashenka had a feelings that he was born to make a peace within Girls and Women or between Mans and Women but later on, after long work, after sleepless nights, he decided to make peace among Russian Orthodox and Catholics. In order to embody this idea Lukashenka went to Moscow where he's got a letter to Pope and delivered that letter directly to Pope. Probably Russian Orthodox Church was out of Delivery Company and they used Lukashenka's services with huge gratitude. Nowadays, it's so difficult to find stable post company. For instance I didn't succeed, for me to receive a letter from abroad is very complicated or even impossible. But Russian Orthodox Church was lucky that me and the letter appeared in Rome save and sound.

In Rome, in this beautiful place, Lukashenka had called his Delivery Service as Intercultural and Inter religious dialog?! Who gave him that idea, nobody knows. Lukashenka forgot 2 essential things. Too pity, but it was not his day, no doubt. At first, Russian Orthodox Church along with Catholic Church belongs to one culture. At second Russian Orthodox Church along with Catholic Church belongs to one religion, Christian religion. Therefore Intercultural and Inter religious dialog in this circumstance looks like peace among Fathers and Sons or Mothers and Daughters.

2 weeks I didn't switch on TV. 2 weeks there were discussions, conversation on Belarusian TV channels about Lukashenka, his destination and his role, his contribution in intercultural dialog. Every day, every program laud fame to Lukashenka and his political far-sighted wisdom.

Meanwhile, our government is going to close Church "New Life". This is the church with huge activity among Roma in Belarus. I have to say that there are no much churches in Belarus who deal with Roma. Church "New Life" is one of their; run a lot of humanitarian projects for Roma in Gomel city and in Gomel suburbs which allowed to local Roma population to have some meals and clothe. Church "New Life" had some steps in order of Roma education, seminars. Roma were always welcome in that Church and every poor Roma had a chance to survive. What's is most important, most essential that Church "New Life" along with other gave to Roma people hope for Salvation in Jesus Christ. Problem of "New Life" Church doesn't have political color. Problem related to simple question, prices for the land in Minsk city. So far, prices for plots in Minsk city, is high and that's gives me a chance to suggest that Church "New Life" will be famous for a while.

Doesn't matter to what religion or faith you belong too; problem when you are going to church and do not know to what religion or faith you belong to.

Kalinin Nicolas



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