Byelorussia Calls its Citizens to Behave According to Georgian Law in Abkhaz and Ossetia Regions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus calls to behave under Georgian legislative in case of trip to Abkhazia and so called South Ossetia.

By Interfax Alexander Lukashevich, Head of Department of MFA made mentioned above statement. He noted that moving in Abkhazia and South Ossetia is limited. It is allowed to go to the breakaway regions only from controlled territories of Georgia - Gori and Zugdidi districts. Lukashenko explained that persons entered to the mentioned regions from other districts will be charged under the Law of Georgia.

The Agency also mentioned that only Russia and Nicaragua recognized the breakaway regions. Belarus Parliament delayed the discussion of that issue. The President of Byelorussia Lukashenko told that a lot of money were offered him to recognize the breakaway regions. Russia credited USD500million instead of his recognition of the regions. As Lukashenko stated he will not 'sell' his own position.



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