Belarus paid to Gazprom for gas shipped in June - Mr Tovpenets

Interfax cited Mr Eduard Tovpenets Belarus' First Deputy Energy Minister as saying that Belarus has paid to Gazprom for the gas shipped in June at an average annual price.

Mr Tovpenets said "We paid for June before July 23rd as the contract requires. The payment was made at the average annual price USD 150 per 1,000 cubic meters."

He said that we have been rigorously observing the timeframe in accordance with the agreement between the Belarusian and Russian presidents.

Mr Tovpenets said "We are going to repay the debt, accumulated at the beginning of the year, as early as in August. The debt was due to an excess of the contract price over the average annual price in the Q1."

Earlier reports quoted Alexei Miller CEO of Gazprom as saying in late June that Belarus owed Gazprom USD 244 million for gas.



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