Belarus started mass grain harvesting campaign

Belarus started mass harvesting campaign of grains, declared Gregory Romanyk, the head of the department of plant growing, forage production and seed-growing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, on July 27.

As of July 27, agrarians harvested grains and leguminous plants (without maize) throughout 121.000 ha, which totaled 5.21% from the general harvesting areas. Agricultural economies of Brest and Gomel oblasts take the leading places, harvesting 14.8% and 13% of planned areas respectively. Grodno oblast harvested 2.7% of planned areas, Minsk - 1.3%, Mogilev - 0.4%, Vitebsk - 0.12%.

The country harvested 452 thsd tonnes of grains. The yield of grains and leguminous plants totaled 37.52 c/ha, up 3.79 c/ha compared to the same date of the previous year.

Agrarians received the task to complete the mass harvesting campaign in 20 weather working days. But separate regions of the country can delay the harvesting campaign due to unfavorable weather conditions. Heavy rains have already restrained the harvesting campaign in central and northern regions.

The majority of agricultural economies continue harvesting of winter rapeseed. Agrarians harvested the oilseed throughout the area of 203.700 ha, which totaled 59.3% of planned areas. Agricultural economies of Gomel and Brest oblasts became the leaders of rapeseed campaign, harvesting 87.7% and 86.7% of planned areas respectively. Grodno oblast harvested winter rapeseed throughout 85.3% of planned areas, Minsk - 47%, Mogilev - 36%, Vitebsk - 27.6%.

Agrarians harvested flax-seed throughout 7.400 thsd ha (10.9%). At the same time, Minsk oblast harvested flaxseed throughout 19% of planned areas, Gomel - 14%, Mogilev - 11%, Grodno - 8.9%, Vitebsk - 4.2%.



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