ZTE To Build UMTS Network For Turkish Turkcell

Chinese telecom equipment provider ZTE Corporation has signed a contract with the Turkish telecom operator Turkcell to build a universal mobile telecommunication system network for Byelorussian Telecommunication Network, the operator's subsidiary in Belarus.

This is another achievement for ZTE's UMTS network in the European market, following its successful entry into Estonia, Romania, and Turkey.

Under the contract, ZTE will deploy a 2G/3G network for BeST, including construction of new sites and replacement of former networks. This network will adopt ZTE's industry-leading SDR solution to deliver high speed HSPA data services and enable an easy evolution to LTE. So far, the SDR solution has been widely recognized in markets such as Hong Kong, mainland China, and India.

ZTE has been committed to the development of UMTS and LTE during recent years. Since the end of 2008, the company has reached UMTS network cooperation with many world's leading telecom operators, including Hong Kong's CSL, China Unicom, Turkey's AVEA, Vietnam's Viettel, and Indonesia's Telkomsel.

As the largest telecom operator in Turkey, Turkcell is also a cross-border operator in the Middle East and Europe, with its networks covering Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.



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