Belarus to refuse from groats imports

The Prime Minister of Belarus, Sergey Sidorskiy, poses a problem of country's supply of groats at the expense of domestic crops.

"This year in order to provide national security we must supply ourselves with cereals, leave imports" said S. Sidorskiy in Minsk on July, 14, 2009, at the presidium meeting of Belarusian Council of Ministers.

Later the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus, S. Shapiro, informed to the journalists that the areas planted with such crops in the country are being increased. "I think this year we can save funds on purchase these crops", - said minister. "It is a shame that our country buys groats abroad", - he stressed.

According to information of the Minister of Agriculture and Food, this year to cut import, the area under buckwheat increased by 40.5%.

S. Shapiro also informed that in the current season it is necessary to harvest 2.5 mln. hectares of grains and 370 thsd. hectares of rapeseed. The emphasis placed on economically sound crops: wheat sown area increased by 9%, triticale increased by 14.5%

He also added that this year leguminous plants will occupy 26% more. However S. Shapiro considers that it is not enough for covering cattle breeding needs.



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