Belarus urges new NAM strategy, concerted efforts to fight global crises

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Belarussian Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov Wednesday urged the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) at its 15th summit here to work out a more pragmatic new strategy in line with today's changing world situation and make concerted efforts to overcome global crises, especially the ongoing financial crunch.

Martynov said during a speech at the summit on behalf of Belarussian president that he is sure the NAM leaders will proceed precisely from the principles of impartiality, objectivity and openness while formulating a NAM strategy for the years to come.

Noting that the upcoming three years may be crucial for determining the future place and role of NAM in the international community, he urged the summit to give a clear answer on how to utilize most effectively the NAM potential and mobilize all resources and actors, including those outside the movement, to stabilize international situation and overcome the multifaceted global crisis.

He stressed that although the world has changed these years but the values laid down by the NAM founders in the basis of the movement in 1950s and 1960s have not lost their topicality.

The promotion of the NAM positions and approaches to solution of modern problems, including in the European continent, will remain a central element of Belarus' foreign policy and not be subject to situational changes.

The Belorussian delegation, chaired by Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov, is participating in the 15th NAM summit, which has attracted more than 100 NAM member-state leaders or their representatives to the Egyptian Red Sea city of Sharm el-Sheikh.

The Belarus delegation proposed to improve the NAM efficiency and enhance its role by means of optimizing its structure and presenting the movement's position at major international forums and urged NAM to give more attention to the new problems of international relations.

The Belorussian side has taken an active part in reaching a consensus on disputable matters.

Belarus received the observer status of NAM in September 1997 and became a fully-fledged member at the 12th NAM summit in Durban, South Africa in September 1998. It remains the sole European member of the movement.



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