08/26/2005 10:35

Belarus may introduce new winter rye variety in 2006

In the year 2006 Belarus may introduce a new variety of winter rye with a yield of 10.83 tonnes per hectare. This new hybrid variety of rye was bred by Belarusian and German scientists.

According to Erom Urban, National Science Academy of Belarus, the new sort of rye (LoBel) is able to increase rye yields by 15-20 percent.

LoBel is a tow straw, winter-hardy and resistant to diseases rye. In addition, it has high milling quality. At the current time LoBel is being under state tests of Belarus. E. Urban is sure that LoBel will bee legalized in 2006 and will get official approval for growing.

During the last decade the scientist bred 10 new rye varieties.

Today Belarusian agrarians use 96 percent of domestic rye varieties