Aug. 25 2005

On Development of Cooperation Between Belarus and Latin America

Press Release - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Acting MFA press secretary Ruslan Esin reported, that growth in trade and economic cooperation between the two countries was significantly fueled by the successful visit of Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergei Martynov to Cuba, Argentina, Brazil in October 2004. The negotiations held by the Head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry with the official and business circles of the above-mentioned countries encouraged economic cooperation between Belarus and these states.

The deliveries of the Belarusian products to Cuba spiraled 340 per cent over the first six months of 2005. The total Belarus-Cuba turnover jumped 85.5 per cent. The figures include successful contracts on the delivery of 134 automobiles MAZ, 37 tractors Belarus, 129 engines of the Minsk motor plant. By the end of the year Belarus intends to deliver 42 pit lorries to Cuba manufactured by Mogilev automobile plant.

The acting MFA press secretary Ruslan Esin informed, that in the first half 2005 the turnover between Belarus and Argentina soared by 445 per cent. Exports jumped by 308 per cent. At the same time Belarus started exporting new products, i.e. potash fertilizers, spare parts and components for trucks and tractors. Argentine businessmen are taking a pro-active approach to work through all variants of trade and economic cooperation, in particular, deliveries of protein raw material (soybean and wheat of solid types), frozen fish and seafood.

According to the contract Belarus will supply USD 600 worth of combine harvesters to Argentina. Now Belarus continues implementing joint projects with this country on promotion of the Belarusian agricultural equipment, trucks and tyres on the Argentine market.

The first six months of 2005 witnessed positive dynamics of growth of Belarusian exports to Brazil. The specialists are working through an opportunity to deliver Belarusian quarry equipment, acrylic plait, large-scale tyres, and alcohol beverages. Besides, negotiations are presently underway to organize assembly shops of Belarusian tractors and lorry trucks in Brazil and creation of the joint production of Belarusian electronic equipment.