2005-08-25 13:27:32

Tbilisi Demands Release of Georgians in Belarus

/ Civil Georgia, Tbilisi /

In a statement issued on August 25, the Georgian Foreign Ministry condemned the "groundless detention" of two Georgian citizens by Belarussian police as "provocative" and demanded their immediate release.

Two activists of the Georgian youth movement Kmara - Giorgi Kandelaki and Luka Tsuladze were arrested in Belarus on August 24. No official charges have been brought against the Georgian citizens, but Belarus police said that unspecified irregularities were found in their papers.

According to the Georgian Foreign Ministry, the two Georgians are currently held in the Belarus Emigration Service Department awaiting deportation.

The two Georgian citizens, who left for Minsk a week ago, were arrested together with coordinator of the Belarus youth resistance movement Zubr, Vladimir Kobets. However, Kobets was released shortly after the arrest.