Polish MEP's barred from Belarus

A group of Polish MEP's were not permitted to cross into Belarus yesterday. This latest incident is just one in a series of events in a row between the two countries over allegations that Poland and the association of Poles in Belarus have been instrumental in a campaign to overthrow Luskashenko and his totalitarian regime.

Deputy President of the European Parliament Jacek Saryusz Wolski and three other Polish MEP's left for Belarus only to be turned away at the Polish Byelorussia border by guards.

Despite all the necessary diplomatic credentials and letters of invitation Belarussian border guards stood their ground and said NO Entry to the Polish group of MEPs.

Jacek Saryusz Wolski never expected that he and his group would not be permitted into Belarus

Bilateral relations between Warsaw and Minsk have soured considerably in recent months over allegations that Poland and the NGO association of Poles in Belarus have been involved in a clandestine US backed campaign to overthrow Lukashenko and his regime.

Belarus authorities have already arrested several members from the association and accused them of meddling in the county's internal affairs. Over the past several weeks Warsaw and Minsk have witnessed a cross fire of diplomatic expulsions.

The British EU presidency has issued a strong statement condemning the violation of human rights and liberties in Belarus. All of the 25 EU member states including 13 associated and candidate countries of the EU were signatories of the statement. Jacek Saryusz Wolski is calling for more decisive action in the future.

But observers of the Warsaw - Minsk row think that Moscow may be linked to this affair in broader context.

Nevertheless, Poland has agreed to pay for an independent radio station which will broadcast to Belarus. The EU foreign affairs committee is expected to hold discussions at the end of the month on whether to impose any type of sanctions against Byelorussia authorities.