Belarus: commodity exchange on vegetables sales to be created in Minsk

The first in Belarus commodity exchange on vegetables sales will be created in Minsk, informed Vladimir Semashko, the First Deputy Minister of Belarus, to the correspondents of BELTA, visiting Gomelskaya oblast, where he became acquainted with course of grain harvesting campaign in the region.

According to him, this will be a pilot project, which is supposed to be realized within 1-2 years. In case of good result, such exchanges will be created in other regions of the country.

Commodity exchange would be analogous to the large logistic center or warehouse, Vladimir Semashko noted. After insignificant preliminary preparation the products will be offered for auction sale where wholesale buyers can participate. Such scheme is used in many countries, especially for selling of fresh food products or, for example, flowers. The main idea is to open equal opportunities to all producers that would allow forming a real price and approaching the seller to the buyer at most.

As it was earlier reported, the President of Belarus during the recent working trip to Gomelskaya oblast assigned the Government to work out the question of creation of the vegetables exchange and provide necessary materials till November 1.



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