Belarus journalists interrogated, taken fingerprints by KGB

On July 30, editor-in-chief of newspaper Nasha Slova (Our Words) of the Society of Belarus Language, Stanislav Sudnik, was taken fingerprints by the Belarus State Security Service (KGB) in the local branch of the KGB where he was summoned "for conversation" on the Minsk bomb blast on July 4, Centre of Journalism in Extreme Situations reports.

Sudnik explains the interest of the KGB to his person by the fact that he was in Minsk on May 3, where he was taking part in the session of the Belarus Peoples Front party. Earlier the security service agents already interrogated in the framework of the criminal case on the explosion the journalists of non-governmental newspaper Volny Gorad (issued in town of Krichev), Sergei Nerovny, Nikolai Gerdiya and the founder of the paper Vladimir Kudryavtsev.

Searches have taken place in an apartment of the journalist association BAZh, Nina Shidlovskaya, and also in the place of a registration of Mikhail Sheremet, husband of Alena Sheremet, who is a member of the board of the journalist organization. Mikhail Sheremet was kept in the KGB insulator for 3 days. According to Radio Racyiya, in July employees of law enforcement bodies also interrogated journalists from Cherikov and Klymovichi, Semyon Ponizovtsev and Sergei Arzhantsev.



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