Memory of Lithuanian security officer to be commemorated in front of the Presidential Palace

On Friday evening, the commemoration on the memory of security officer Vytautas Pociunas, who died under unclear circumstances in Belarus two years ago, will take place at the Daukantas square in front of the Presidential Palace. This civil campaign is organized by the Civic Focus (Pilietine santalka) and the M. K. Ciurlionis Culture and Heritage Fund, informs ELTA.

These public organizations intend to remind that the investigation of the circumstances surrounding the death of Pociunas, officer of the State Security Department, was not completed.

Last November, the Prosecutor General"s Office found out that the death of Pociunas, who was working in the Lithuanian Consulate in Gardin, during his working trip to Brest on August 23, was an accident. He accidentally fell out over the window. Therefore the pre-trial investigation was discontinues. However, the court canceled this ruling and the investigation is continuing.

In 2007, under the initiative of Prime Minister Gediminas Kirkilas, the working group formed from the representatives of various institutions was established to investigate the circumstances of Pociunas" death, but failed to do anything. Finally it was decide to suspend its activities in anticipation of the conclusions of the Prosecutor General"s Office.



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