Pesach 2008: Bobruisk-Belarus

In a city of the former Soviet Union, a Jewish family sat around the table and held their breaths. Newly exposed to Yiddishkeit, the Seder was the focal point of this recently discovered festival. And the moment for which the boy waited all evening had finally arrived. He had stolen the afikoman and demanded its ransom.

Never in their wildest imaginations could the boy's family fathom what their son would request. Unlike other boys his age, he was not interested in a book or game; not even a shiny new bike. His demand: to be able to attend Jewish classes.

What was it that brought this child, new to appreciate his Jewish identity, to thirst for more? What is the cause of the metamorphosis taking place in hundreds of Jewish homes throughout the FSU?

The answer: the boy attended the Istochnik classes-a unique, revolutionizing approach to outreach, never been seen before.



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