Belarus: grain quality is higher compared to previous years

A new analysis of the quality of the new grain crop, which has been received by the Bakery Department of Belarus, indicates that this year's grain is of a higher quality when measured by technological indexes (actual weight, evidence of weed and grain admixtures, and small grain contents) compared to previous years, according to Elena Ananich, the Deputy Director of the State Bakery Inspectorate.

Further, she said the grain is coarse-grained and plump. At the same time, the quality of the grain has not changed since the beginning of the harvesting campaign and the quality of some crops have also improved. Also, the weighted average value of injurious additives (ergot) in food rye totals only 0.11%.

Reports also note that the small grain content in food barley totals 3.9%, feed barley - 8.2%, while, at the same time, the normal level of small grain contents in food grain totals 5%. According to specialists, 2-grade food oats volumes have reached 40%.

However, this year gluten contents in wheat decreased and the ratio of wheat grades has also changed. 3-grade wheat volumes total 47.3% as opposed to 60% in the previous year and 4-grade wheat volumes total 52.7% (40% in the previous year).



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