Don't stay aside from Belarus

Recently Lukashenko signed new edition of State educational system program. It was so many discussion about future edition in society but finally everything happened even worst that anybody accepted.

Belarusian authority still neglects national minorities. I want to remind, that some years ago Belarusian Section of International Society of Human Rights have done proposition to Lukashenko about Roma educational problems. One from there plenty directions how to solve low percent of Educated Roma people, was idea to establish Roma school or Roma classes. By official origins of information, only 2 percent of Roma population has finished secondary school (9 classes). Its official number, which seems too increased (exaggerated) a lot to decorate real situation. Well, now Belarus has new Educational system. But again Roma minority in Belarus still has not been involved in educational process. Some independent experts assured that its not single case, its policy. Policy to prevent Roma people to been educated, to prevent Roma people to have a job, to separate Roma people from society! Odd, isn't it? Its not odd, its terrible but we have to leave with it. Belarusian authority well informed about Roma minority problems, they have access to all information. But it's a policy in Belarus. In Belarus discrimination against Roma is not a social problem. Its political. Actually, nothing new, we saw that kind of behavior before. From Saddam, when Kurds had not rights at all and it was in contemporary history.

I always ask myself, what poor Roma people have done to Belarusian Authority, to merit so strong hate in return? Its strange because, Roma is single minority discriminated in Belarus. There is no discrimination against Poles minority in Belarus, it wasn't Poles minority in Belarus and wouldn't be even in theory. Famous "Grodno" case nothing more than well financed fake. Why Roma?

Europe and USA have to do something for Belarus. Its so beautiful country, I really like it, so, It seems to me, we deserves to give as a hand. Don't stay aside from Belarus.

Kalinin Nicolas

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