Polish Solidarity leader willing to host round-table talks in Belarus

Poland's former president and Solidarity founder, Lech Walesa, said he was ready to be a mediator in a conflict between the democratic opposition and the Belarusian government during the round table talks in Minsk.

Speaking to Polish Radio Gdansk Walesa said that such a mediation would be his duty as the Nobel Peace Prize winner and that he can help reach an understanding as he has good relations with both sides of the conflict.

Ahead of the country's September parliamentary elections leaders of the Belarusian opposition parties suggested to President Aleksander Lukashenka that Lech Walesa could host a round table in Minsk to solve the political crisis in Belarus. The appeal has already been signed by the leaders of the opposition, including Vinchuk Viachorka, Stanislau Shushkevich and Anatoly Lebedko, who believe Lech Walesa will be an excellent negotiator in Minsk.



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