Alexey Gordeyev: agrarian markets of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine need more close connections

Support by the EU-countries of their agriculture exceeds support of farmers in Russia nearly by 30 times counting on one working person, told Alexey Gordeyev, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia during the round table meeting with the Ministers of Agriculture of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The round-table discussion took place on August 1 in Mayskoye village, Dnepropetrovsk region, within "All Ukrainian Day of farming field", that was held on the base of Agrosoyuz corporation.

If the state support of agriculture in the developed countries became at our level, their farmers would be noncompetitive. Meanwhile, we deal with unfair competition, when the Western countries consider Russia and other CIS countries as sales markets for their products.

For example, instead of purchases of sugar far abroad, we can purchase it from Ukraine, added A. Gordeyev. We should reestablish not only economic and scientific connections, but also work out the strategy of cooperation on the foreign markets.

The Minister underlined that the idea of creation of agrarian union of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine was approved by Vladimir Putin, the Prime-Minister of Russia, and Yulia Timoshenko, the Prime-Minister of Ukraine. The intergovernmental consultations have already been started.

The idea of the common agrarian market appeared a long time ago. But its realization was intervened by political lack of agreement and coordination of legislative basis. Since that time, this idea has become clearer. Three years ago, possibility of joint actions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine on the world grain market was firstly discussed. Currently, this theme is at the center of attention of the first persons of the countries. Meeting of three Ministers of Agriculture in Mayskoye displays transition from discussions to the real actions.



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