Walesa wants to mediate between Lukashenka and opposition

Lech Walesa eager to mediate between Lukashenka and Belarus opposition; shocking war images of Polish troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; and the Polish Post Office rebuffs customers paying with credit cards.

Former Polish President Lech Walesa seems eager to assume the role of a mediator between the Belarus' President Lukashenka and the opposition, writes today's issue of Dziennik daily.

"I have known Alexander Lukashenka for many years. We have spoken a few times. It would not be a problem for me to coax him into holding a Round Table", Walesa reveals with confidence, as quoted by the newspaper.

But before the former Solidarity leader gets a chance to sit at a negotiation table with the Belarus dictator, he will have to obtain a declaration from the Belarus authorities that Lukashenka is ready to accept certain criteria imposed by the EU regarding respect for human rights and democracy, Dziennik writes.

At the weekend, opposition politicians in Minsk called on Walesa to mediate between the dictatorial President Lukashenka and the opposition in an attempt to end the former Soviet nation's international isolation and internal political crisis.

A Polish military Internet portal (army mates) has shocked public opinion with images of carnage from the battleground of Iraq and Afghanistan, writes Polska daily.

Te authors of the portal have admitted that the horrific images of severed limbs, charcoaled corpses and blood are their response to the charges presented to the seven Polish troops in the Nangar Khel killing case and an attempt to unveil the cruel reality of war that Polish troops face daily.

But some military experts claim that the shocking publication is in breach of Geneva Convention rules, Polska daily informs.

Customers of the Polish Post Office complain that the Post Office refuses to accept payments by card, although clear signs at the doors advise that they can use all major credit cards to pay for the postal services, alarms the Warsaw daily Zycie Warszawy.

The Post Office admits that it is unwilling to accept payments with plastic money to avoid the associated transaction costs. Instead, the customers are informed that they can use their cards to draw cash from the desk, at a small fee, and use the cash thus obtained to make their payments. (mj)



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